A New Year

It’s a new year and another January struggling to find work. It’s quite common in the film community to struggle in the months of December through February. These months can make or break a freelancer in this industry and I am super thankful when work comes my way this time of year. So far it has bee a decent month!

First gig of 2017

The first gig of 2017 was for First Time Flippers which I believe will be on HGTV. It’s a show about people flipping a house for the first time. It was a straight forward shoot involving two on-camera talent with Interviews and two quick scenes. I didn’t get my gear on this gig as they provided the equipment themselves. I am partial to my own equipment as I know the ins and outs so well but am never against using somebody else’s gear as long as my labor rate is met; which it was. 

Start of the day was building their kit before doing one person interviews. The kit consisted of a Sound Devices 664, Lectrosonics 411 receivers w/ UM400A transmitters, Sennheiser G3 transmitters for camera hops, and a Sennheiser MKH416 shotgun microphone. I brought along my personal c-stand and boom holder for the interviews, both of which lasted about an hour. 

Next was Demo, my favorite part in these types of shoots. These can be challenging as you’re having extremely loud demolition sounds of sledge hammers hitting dry wall mixed with scene dialogue which you may not always get clean. It’s always important to remember that if the talent says something you think might be necessary to the story or important for the scene to ask the producer to say the line again clean without any sledge hammers or power tools. Sometimes the producer will say it’s fine or they don’t need it but it’s always better to ask than to let it go. Better safe than sorry. Also, ask for a mask from production if you do not have one. Any type of show like this should have masks on hand given the amount of dirt, dust, mold, and insulation present during demo. 

After knocking out two scenes (literally), we were wrapped for the day as the producer and DP had to catch a flight at 5pm. So I broke down their kit and put it back in the case exactly how I found it. Which leads me to another important tip. If you’re using somebody else’s equipment, make sure you return it to them in better condition than how it was given to you. Make sure all antenna are accounted for and won’t be damaged in transport. Make sure it’s organized and easy for the next person.

Overall it was a great shoot with some great people. Can’t wait for them to come back to town to shoot more of this episode and see the progress of the house. Shout out to the homie TJ Carlton. Glad to see you moving up in the camera world. I hadn’t seen you in almost two years since we did that full season of Get Swank’d. We have both come a long way since then. Here’s to moving forward!

Well thanks for reading this post in my blog. I hope you found it interesting somehow. Look for my next post where I go behind the scenes on one of the biggest scripted shows on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Greenleaf. Until then, good luck on your own adventures!


Feel free to let me know what you think about this post. Suggestions and recommendations are always appreciated.

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