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Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan and Sportscaster/TV personality Erin Andrews for an interview with Fox NFL Sunday which aired before the NFC Championship game between the Falcons and Packers. I absolutely love doing sports related jobs as the crews are phenomenal, there’s great talented athletes, and best of all, usually short days!

The day started at 930am at the Falcons’ training facility in Flowery Branch, Georgia. Once the rest of the crew arrived, we started setting up the interview in the locker room next to their indoor field. This isn’t their main locker room so we had all the space we needed. The goal was to be rolling at 1:45pm. The art department and grip/electric were working diligently as I casually set up my audio equipment. This shoot was using three cameras and filming two interviewees.

This was a pretty straight forward shoot with two people on camera, mostly going off lavs with boom as a backup. Gear used for this shoot include a Sound Devices 633 mixer/recorder, 2 Lectrosonics SMQV transmitters with Sanken COS-11 lavs, 2 Lectrosonics SRb Receivers set to ratio for better frequency coverage, 2 Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun mics w/K-Tek Boom poles mounted on C-Stands, 2 Lectrosonics SMQV transmitters for wireless send to cameras, 2 Lectrosonics SRb Receivers for wireless audio receive to camera, and a two channel breakaway cable to directly connect to one camera, and finally, a Denecke TS-3 Smart Slate. It looks like a lot of gear on paper but really it’s a small kit for an easy day

Once art department had set their background, grip/electric had set their lights, and the camera positions were set, I set up my two boom mics on either side of the frame. Since these were just backups and the third camera was leaving about a foot of head room, I had to place the booms about a foot and a half away from the talent. Normally this would be problematic but since they are just backups, it would be fine. I just needed to make sure that their lavs were perfect.

Erin Andrews arrived first about 10-15 minutes before we were set to roll. Some folks had warned me about mic’ing her and how sometimes she could be difficult. I experienced the exact opposite. Erin was friendly, professional, and very at ease with me. I introduced myself and struck up a small conversation with her about her trip. I mic’ed her up in about 30 seconds and she sounded amazing. Next, Matt Ryan showed up at about 1:40pm and greeted the crew, shaking everybody’s hand and telling them thanks for coming out. Matt is a very humble and down to earth guy. This is my fourth time working with him (including when I worked at Tree Sound Studios and he had a 4 hour session with us hanging out and playing guitar). I introduced myself and said formalities, mic’ed him up in under 20 seconds and he was good to go. He also sounded pristine. The hard part was over and both talent were in their chairs and sounding awesome. Time to roll!

The producer clapped the slate and we were off and running at exactly 1:45pm. The interview lasted about 10 minutes and that was a wrap. As soon as we cut I ran over and pulled both microphones. Before I could get back to my station Erin and Matt were out the door and gone. I started packing up the gear to get ready to enjoy the rest of my day. Short and sweet, those are the best days.

It was a great shoot with a wonderful crew. Shout out to Luc Bonneson, grip to the stars, and my buddy AJ Blizzard with whom I spent 5 months shooting Flip or Flop Atlanta. Also want to thank Carl Rohrs for recommending me and John South for being an awesome DP to work with (especially since he used to be a soundie!) It was a fun gig and hope to work with you all again very soon.

Come back next time when I discuss the challenges I faced on a Chik-Fil-A corporate shoot earlier this week. Thanks for reading and hope you will share with your friends and keep coming back!


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