Aston Audio provides various audio packages based on the size and needs of your project.  We specialize in equipment used in the field such as ENG, Broadcast, and Television. We also have sound carts for Feature Films

We provide the leading names in production sound equipment such as Sound Devices, Lectrosonics, Denecke, Comtek, Sennheiser, K-tek, Porta Brace, Petrol, Sony, Ambient, Sanken, Tram, Rycote, and more!

Aston Audio has the following pieces of Gear for rent:

Full Narative Sound Cart including the following:

  • Sound Devices 633 6-Track Compact Timecode Recorder
  • Sound Devices 664 12-Track Timecode Recorder w/CL-6 Controller
  • Sound Devices CL-12
  • Lectrosonics Venue Rackmount Receiving Module
  • VRT Module Receivers
    • Blocks 20, 21, 22
  • Lectrosonic UM400A Wireless Transmitters
    • Blocks 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26
  • Lectrosonic SMQV Digital Wireless Transmitters
    • Blocks 20, 21, 22
  • Lectrosonic SRb dual-channel Stereo Receivers
    • Blocks 20, 21, 22, 23, 26
  • Sanken COS-11 Lavalier Microphone w/accessories
  • Lectrosonic R1a IFB Receivers
    • Block 24
  • Sennheiser Microphones
    • MKH50
    • MKH416
  • Deity S-Mic-2 Shotgun Microphone
  • Denecke Smart Slates
  • Ambient Timecode Lock-it Boxes
  • PSC Eurocart w/ Battery Backup
  • RF Venue Remote Antenna Systems
  • Marshall Dual Monitors for video feed on cart
  • K-tek Boom Poles
  • Pelican Cases


All equipment provided by Aston Audio is fully insured to help put your mind at ease while, freeing yourself to focus on your important work in the field.

RENTAL PACKAGE 1: Documentary Package

Small and very efficient audio package: 6-channel Recorder w/isolated tracks, 2 Lectrosonics wireless systems w/Sanken COS-11 lavs, and 1 Boom setup complete with Sennheiser MKH416. Comes with breakaway XLR snake to go to camera. Wireless mono or stereo audio send for cameras are also available.

RENTAL PACKAGE 2: Pilot/Sizzle Package

Everything you need to shoot that pilot for that sizzle or pilot you’ve put so much work into.  Production companies and independent film makers alike will be amazed at the flexibility of this package as well as the price. Sound Devices 633 6-Channel mixer/Recorder with Timecode,  as well as 4 Wireless Lectrosonics systems, and a boom package featuring Sennheiser MKH416 shotgun microphone.  Output snakes to camera for cost-efficient reality/doc-style shooting. Wireless mono or stereo sends for cameras available.

RENTAL PACKAGE 3: Reality TV Package

This is the beefiest sound package a sound mixer could need when it comes to Reality Television. Sound Devices 664 6-channel recorder with Timecode. Added CL-6 adds an additional 6 tracks for a total of 12! Isolated tracks, as well as multiple outputs for stereo mixes to cameras and IFB/Comtek for producers. 7 Lectrosonic Wireless systems along with a boom package allows for simultaneous, isolated tracks on up to 12 channels. This package also includes wireless stereo audio send for 2 cameras, a stereo audio snake to camera for interviews, comtek/IFB system for producer monitoring, as well as Lock-it timecode boxes and Denecke Timecode Slate (optional). This package is one of the most industry standard packages for reality television in Atlanta.

RENTAL PACKAGE 4: Feature Film Cart

For sound professionals in the field of features, episodic scripted television, independent films, and short films who need a mobile all-in-one cart for mixing/recording. PSC Eurocart omes complete with a 12-channel mixer/recorder, IFB monitoring systems, antennae distribution system for wireless microphones, and Marshall Dual monitors to see all the action! Includes Boom Operator duplex cable system for talk-back and private line to your boom op! Increased signal range with detatchable antenna, video monitors built in for adjusting video delay and watching for mixing cues. Entire package can fit in the back of an SUV, perfect for transporting to various locations across Georgia.

For more information as far as pricing, availability, and special offers, please Contact Us. More equipment and packages to come as new technology arrives and the industry we work in evolves and expands.  Stay tuned for more deals from Aston Audio!